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Steve Nichols’s Bookshop

First Publication of

W.B. Yeats’s Chess Boards

Press Release UK 1:00 GMT 14th Oct 2013  

Steve Nichols was the first to publish the four Mathers-Westcott board Enochian chess sets back in 1982. After much further research, Steve is now delighted to be able to make public WB Yeats’s sixteen (16) Sub-Elemental Enochian chessboards. These 'Celtic' board designs look and resonate very differently from the four Golden Dawn ‘Egyptian’ Enochian Chess boards (Cities of Pyramids). These boards can be used for game-play or 'active' divination (using standard Enochian Chess pieces), or used ritually for Ceremonial work (when placed on the 16 compass points when they form an 'astral temple' or protected space) and also for Skrying. These boards can be hung or displayed as striking art-works when not in use. Chessboards are printed on thick extra-glossy substrates. Pieces need to be cut out before use, very simple assembly.  PRESS REVIEWS, BLOGS and links

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